terça-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2011

No - Kill Shelters in Portugal

No - Kill Shelters in Portugal



signatures: 600

signature goal: 1,000
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Target: President of Portuguese Republic and Animal Shelters - Braga, Setúbal....
Sponsored by: Helena Sousa ( Vidas E Destinos - MOV)
Many companion animals are slaughtered in many portuguese shelters during the last decade. That figure is equivalent to desumanity and no control with animal population by spay and neutering. Please join together for a common cause : To stop the killing of dogs and cats in our municipal shelters. Whether you are a rescuer of many, an animal caregiver of few or simply a concerned individual, if you beleive that a shelter should be a safe place for animals that leads to their eventual placement into loving, adoptive homes, please help us to end this cruel practice - kill shelters in Portugal. Now we have also alarming news from Setúbal Shelter - another slaughterhouse in this country, lost and without course. Setúbal will have a newshelter and the Vet responsible for it to start energy, simply will sacrifice all the animals, young, old, healthy and sick who are in the shelter. Please we have to save the largest number of animals from this cruel situation.
We want our public government to know we have sat on the sidelines long enough for them to make the right choices. Their decisions have cost the lives of thousands of our community animals. We now have to take a stand. We demand that our representatives yield to the will of their constituents. They must stop the killing now !

PORTUGAL.. END dog cruelty, and update your laws!

PORTUGAL.. END dog cruelty, and update your laws!


Dear animal lovers, Please sing this petition and share with all your contacts It's very important and urgent! PORTUGAL.. END dog cruelty, and update your laws! -

signatures: 1,725

signature goal: 2,000
Target: PORTUGESE GOVERNMENT President Anibal Carvaco Silva. Prime minister Jose Socrates.
Sponsored by: J Cvetanoski M Jenkinson http://www.facebook.com/pages/People-with-ZERO-Tolerance-for-Animal-Cruelty/140565322650392?ref=ts
Dogs are considered Man's best friend by many of us worldwide.
In many countries though..dogs are cruelly subjected to pain and torture.
We think of China...but no.. it happens in Portugal too..
The torture of the dogs is endless...
This petition hopes to raise the awareness, and get the Portugese Government to take a stand and increase the fines and penalties for the people found to be so cruel.
Portugal have few shelters and most of those are kill shelters.
Dogs are abused whilst in there.
Most dogs are kept on chains in the community ,AND have very little shade, in all weathers: heat ,rain etc..
The poor dogs health or feelings are not considered.
Apparently there is supposed to be a law ,which stipulates that dogs should not be chained and have some form of basic care...but this never gets enforced.
Strays ,or wild dogs as they call them ,are kicked ,abused and even..worse.
Your voice needs to be heard, and your signature is their survival.
The more humane people that sign the better chance we have to get an end to the cruelty.
LET'S BRING A CHANGE.. lets get ZERO TOLERANCE for animal cruelty in Portugal.
Thankyou for signing.